Temecula Wine Country with Kids

It's no secret that Temecula is home to many young families, many of which like to take advantage of the charms of our Wine Country. With summer upon us, parents and caregivers need something new to entertain the kids. Luckily, there are several wineries in the area that can accommodate families, cater to you and a variety of resources you can use to figure out where to go. It's important to note that many of the wineries close fairly early (5 pm), even on the weekends. The Facebook Events section is one great resource to keep up on the latest events going on in Temecula Wine Country.

Check out some of my favorite family-friendly wineries in Temecula Wine Country:

Wilson Creek Winery

Wilson Creek is one of the most popular wineries in the valley, boasting a nationally-known variety of sparkling wines (my personal favorite is the Sangria). Consequently, the weekends here can be really busy. If you're looking to take advantage of their Sunday Bubble Brunch (children are welcome!) I would recommend making your reservations two weeks in advance since they normally don't accept walk-ins. In the summer months make sure to grab a wine slushie* and head down to the small playground with your smaller kiddos. In addition to the playset, children will enjoy the small pond (look out for butterflies and dragonflies), the open lawn, a walk through the grape vines, or the bocce ball court near the restaurant. Be prepared for long jaunts to the bathroom if your kids are out of diapers since you'll have to run into the main building for potty breaks.

*wine slushies are usually only available on weekends

Longshadow Ranch Winery

Longshadow Ranch Winery is a small to medium sized winery with a comfortable and well-kept tasting room and very friendly staff. The winery also puts on very popular Bonfire Saturday Nights in the spring and summer months with wine and beer, food, mechanical bulls and access to their petting zoo late into the night. Their petting zoo includes horses, a goat, an alpaca and has feed available for kids to get in on the action. There's also a small playground for little ones to get some energy out but you'll want to still keep an eye out for them since they would be able to run off into a ditch.

Peltzer Farm & Winery

Who’s ready for a Summer Celebration?! Gather the family and meet us at the farm for Peltzer Farm & Winery’s 1st annual Summer Celebration on July 14th and 15th! GET READY FOR: 🎡 Carnival Games ✏️ Caricatures 🌭 Food Truck Alley 🛍️ Makers Market 🎨 Face Painting 🎈 Balloon Animals 🐴 Pony Rides 💎 Gem Panning 🐐 Petting Zoo 🎸 LIVE MUSIC by JX3 (Sat) and @kananroad (Sun) 🍷 and of course, WINE, WINE, WINE • This is a TWO DAY event! RSVP on our FB event pages to the day you're attending to receive updates and to let us know you're comin'! • We are so honored to partner with @oakgrovecenter to raise money for their much deserving programs that aim to rebuild the lives of at-risk children and their families through education, healing, restoring relationships, building character and instilling hope. BAR ACCESS WRISTBANDS will cost $5, anyone who wants a drink will need to purchase a wristband (21+) in order to access the cash bars! 100% of these wristband proceeds will go directly to Oak Grove Center! • Buy your wristbands on peltzerwinery.com!

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Peltzer Family Cellars and Peltzer Farm are at the forefront in the "instagramification" of Temecula's Wine Country. Very smart branding has helped to thrust this fairly new winery into the forefront, along with a laundry list of family-friendly holiday and weekend events. Peltzer often runs wine tasting specials for veterans around Veteran's Day and hosts family movie nights, Christmas tree lighting events, and many other activities throughout the year. The lower level of the property is devoted to their pumpkin and petting zoo operation, while the upper area is devoted to the winery. A large kitchen garden sits in the middle of the property with nooks and crannies that are perfect for a celebratory photo.

What are your favorite family-friendly wineries? Are there any smaller locations that your kids love?

Pack up the kids and head to the wineries. Find out which Temecula Wineries are the most welcoming for children and family groups.

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