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    How to Create a Mobile Itinerary with Google MyMaps

    In the past, travelers had to rely on guidebooks and travel notebooks to keep track of the places and activities they wanted to be sure to visit. The exponential growth of travel blogs and Pinterest has dramatically increased the resources available to travelers while planning their trips. All the information in the world can't help you if you can't find a way to organize it. I like to think that I'm an organized person (aspiring, maybe?) and it's really important for me to keep track of travel documents and ideas. In the past, I would write a master list of sights and then plot them out each day using a…

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    Sing Me a Song of a Family Who’s Gone: Family Travel in Scotland

    Coming from dry and usually sweltering Southern California, stepping into wet and wild Scotland is a welcome and drastic change of scenery. My husband and I decided to hop over to Scotland on something of a whim, about two weeks before we actually left. Luckily, a portion of our plane ticket cost was reserved on points and we made it work. Many people think that traveling with children is an insurmountable challenge, with stress dreams of toddlers screaming up and down the aisles, vomit in the air and blood on the streets. I'll admit, traveling with a toddler and a husband can be exhausting and trying on the nerves. Traveling…